Friday, December 17, 2010

20 (New Year) Resolutions for the Church Musician

Most New Years come and go before I've made a decent resolution. This year I am determined to be better prepared. Here is a list of suggestions you might like to run past your faith commmunity, family, actual friends and facebook friends. They are not limited to the institutional church, but extend into everyday.

1. Sing to a child
2. Listen attentively to a child singing
3. Invite everyone you know around for a singalong (just for the fun of it.)
4. Have a fundraising drive to boost the music budget
5. Clean out the music cupboard
6. Buy a new contemporary music source
7. Book a course to extend your skills
8. Recruit a new member to the church band or choir
9. Say "well done you" to another muso
10. Use an instrument you haven't tried before (harmonica, tin whistle, banjo, recorder)
11. Delegate... and trust it will be done.
12. Don't look so busy - leave the packing up until later
13. Sing in places other than the shower, just because.
14. Invite an older person (than you) to play their instrument in worship.
15. Organise an event where instrumentalists of all ages can strut their stuff.
16 Buy a really great drum (toms, djembe, bohran are all great choices)
17. Learn how to drum properly
18. Have a massage, light an aromatherapy candle, breathe deeply. 
19. Learn about and listen to a style of music you don't like
20.Sing an really ancient hymn unaccompanied all the way through.

Got another idea?
What is your musical resolution for 2011?

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