Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 Key Selection Criteria for Church Musicians

In employment circles these days, applicants for jobs are required to address what is known as Key Selection Criteria (KSC).

Consider the role of church musician. It may not be one that enjoys any financial reward, and yet there are a group of skills that can ensure the musical life in faith communities is neither elitist, exclusive or stagnant.

Here's my KSC for church musicians. What would yours be?

1. Team player with a big picture perspective.
2. Willing to sit out and let others play.
3. Prepared to practice individually.
4.Committed to rehearsing with others.
5. Willing to learn new material.
6. Prepared to attend workshops and share newfound knowledge.
7. Commitmed to developing positive relationships with people other than musicians.
8. Able and willing to accommodate wide variety of music styles.
9. Able to discern musical skills in others which contrast with their own, and encourage them to get involved.
10. Observant, with big ears and thick skin!

What have I forgotten?
Please add your own KSC to this list.

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