Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Does the Church Accompany Song in 2011?

We are a diverse church. That's a given. But we are also living in a time where the pace of change and the opportunities technology presents have reached fever pitch.

Like the Industrial Revolution did, this Technological Revolution now affects every aspect of our lives, not least the life of our church.

Or does it?

Is technological diversity revolutionising the way we do music in church? Or are we sticking with the old ways. Is technology enabling your community to enhance it's musical life like it has never done before? How? What are the advantages of such change, and what do we lose by pursuing them? Is the church something of a sanctuary from the clutter of technology, or is it poorer for disregarding it? Perhaps your community is a trail blazer in this sphere.

Many communities use a variety of means to accompany community singing, and that's great. I am interested in exploring the emerging 'norms' or preferences in 2011. To this end, please add your voice to the poll on accompaniment. You'll find it on the left column of this blog.

And please, comment here if you have something to offer on the subject.

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David Powell said...

It'd be interesting to read what the outcome of this poll was. There's nothing presently in the left column of the blog that points to it (maybe it's where there's report of 'an error in this gadget').