Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Song for Advent/Holy Week: Shine A Candle

Shine a candle was originally written to accompany the lighting of Advent candles, but may also be of use during Holy Week. It is a song of gentle longing. This song may be sung any number of times, as required. The final refrain may be underlined by singing the line, "till the day when Christ arrives", three times..

How to Play it
The manuscript indicates guitar chords, and also bass notes. The bass brings gravity to the accompaniment, providing equal doses of tension and resolution - such is the suspense of Advent.  Without the bass, the song can be insipid. If you have no bass instrument, the piano can provide this element in octaves.

Pace is important. Please note the metronome speed marked.

Shine a Candle is freely offered here for use in worship and for Christian education purposes, with due acknowledgement. Please let me know if you make use of it.

View/Print a copy of the song

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Emmio said...

Hi Lucy,
you mention bass notes for the Advent candle song "Shine a candle", but when I open the song, I can't see them -- just melody line and guitar chords. Am I missing something. I would love to give this song a go in our church.

Richard Wolf said...

Do you have an mp3 perusal recording of this song available?


Richard Wolf said...

Do you have an mp3 perusal recording of this song available?


Unknown said...

Lucy: I'm Jill Warner, the pastor at New Journey UCC in Hutchinson, MN. We will be using Shine a Candle throughout the Advent season, as suggested by the UCC Pension Board materials. Because some of my keyboard accompanists do not chord, I've written out an accompaniment part for our use. With your permission, I would offer that simple accompaniment part for those who need it. I can be reached at uccpastor314@gmail.com.

Ross H said...

Hi Lucy,
My name is Ross Hackenmiller and I am the Worship Arts Coordinator at Hamline Church United Methodist in St. Paul, MN.

The church is creating a CD project about music through the church year to distribute among the congregation. We recorded a version of your Advent song, "Shine a Candle" for the project. We have given you full credit for the song on the project.

Thank you so much for your music and other church resources! Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you'd like us to send you a copy of the CD!

Hamline Church United Methodist