Friday, October 29, 2010

The Shepherd's Rap

About this Rap
This participatory rap was written for the children's Advent Workshop program at Ringwood Uniting Church, Australia in 1993. It is still fun. Its participatory nature requires the gathered community to join the refrain. While originally written for children, subsequent use has proved there are many young-at-heart folks in churches.

You will need: 
2 shepherds (dressed appropriately) who can carry off the rap
3 people, each to lead one of the community parts (dressed variously as an angel, baby and sheep)
A drum beat in four, using live musos or drum machine

Notes for presentation
  • There are no breaks between the spoken lines. Each line should last the same number of beats (count four for each line) flow effortlessly from one to the next. The spoken rhythm of each line will vary.
  • The only space where drumming is exposed for a bar or two is during the introduction and after each verse and refrain to allow breathing space.  
  • Be prepared to rehearse. Shepherds, angel, baby and sheep should be under no illusions about the need for preparation. 
  • As with all drama, memorising parts always produces a superior result. 
  • Divide the community into three groups: angels, babies and sheep. Rehearse the refrain beforehand.Please feel free to omit some stanzas in the interest of brevity.
This rap may be used freely for worship and Christian education purposes, with due acknowledgement.
Please send any filmed renditions for inclusion on this site. Have fun with it!

Print the rap (page 1)
Print the rap (page 2)
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