Monday, November 22, 2010

A Cappella Advent

Keeping a lid on Christmas
For worship leaders everywhere, keeping a lid on Christmas celebrations can feel like holding back the tide. End of year festivities, summer holiday preparations (in the southern hemisphere), extra worship services and activities close to Christmas day mean self-reflection and spiritual preparation often take a back seat.

This year, consider having an A Cappella Sunday during advent. Such an approach can provide a stark contrast in the midst of a busy December lifestyle.

Hints for Selecting A Cappella Songs
I have provided a dozen suggestions as a starting point. Be sure to make at least two selections your community know well. Plan to have one sung in unison, one as a canon/round, one in simple parts, and one for which people can invent their own harmonies (eg: Kum by yah)  I am certain there will be other songs you will recall as you plan. Your suggested additions to this list are welcome and may be made by means of a post comment.

What is A Cappella Sunday?

May I wish you an adventurous advent!

The Beginnings of a List
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