Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Advent: Memorable Musical Moments

You are invited to recall a memorable music moment in Advent past. You can do this in the left column under "Get Answers". As we begin preparing for this high time in the liturgical calendar, it is often helpful to reflect on why particular moments hold significance.

Let me get the ball rolling.

Each year on Christmas Eve people connected with my faith community gather to sing carols in local nursing homes, and to less mobile members of the community. The singing is unrefined and we can be quite blase about it all really. Yet, there are moments over the years that stick. We have sung to dear friends with debilitating illnesses, to those who are preparing to die, or who have farewelled their life-partner.

One year we visited a feisty and passionate woman who was close to death. She was dearly loved, a determined social justice advocate and faithful friend. She could no longer speak, but listening to our imperfect singing with tears trickling down her face. It was last time I saw her. She died within the week. It was such a privelege to be reminded that life is a gift, and to remember how this grand lady had lived life fully, in the moment, and for others.

Share a memory you have in the "Get Answers" box.

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