Monday, October 11, 2010

Musicians now "Ministers" in Canada

Musicians in the United Church of Canada are rejoicing after being given the opportunity to be recognised as ministers, alongside Congregational Designated Ministers and Lay Ministers. 

In the UCC, musicians have previously had four levels of involvement: volunteer, fee for service, contract, and part time/fulltime employment. Now an further three options have been developed with increasing pastoral, liturgical and educative responsibilities attached.

This reform is as a result of a decade of work by support body Music United, and its predecessor, in the United Church of Canada.

Printed on the brochure outlining the reforms, is this wonderful statement of affirmation: 
The Music of Worship 
Music is not inserted into worship; 
rather worship is inherently musical. 
We are a singing people. 
How we sing together 
and what we sing together 
reflects our faith, 
our church, 
our union with fragile creation, 
our thoughts and our feelings about one another, 
and our attitudes toward all humanity.
Adapted from 'A Theological Statement of Music in the United Church of Canada' (July 2008)

Find out more about the new ministry structure here Making Music Together Brochure

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