Friday, April 29, 2011

What to Sing on Holy Humour Sunday?

Ever heard of Holy Humour Sunday?

I hadn't until this morning. Apparently it has an historical precedent dating back to the 15th century, and I for one think it's an idea worth resurrecting. We lay claim to being people of joy after all, and most of our churches could do with an extra dollop of mirth!

On Christine Longhursts' excellent blog, the historical basis for Holy Humour Sunday is explained, together with ideas for songs, cartoons and more. Here's an excerpt:

"Churches in 15th century Bavaria used to celebrate the Sunday after Easter as Risus Paschalis (‘God’s Joke,’ or ‘the Easter laugh’).  Priests would deliberately include amusing stories and jokes in their sermons in an attempt to make the faithful laugh.  After the service, people would gather together to play practical jokes on one another and tell funny stories.  It was their way of celebrating the resurrection of Christ – the supreme joke God played on Satan by raising Jesus from the dead.

The observance of Risus Paschalis was officially outlawed by Pope Clement X in the 17th century.  Perhaps people were having too much fun. 

In the Orthodox tradition, people would gather on Easter Monday to tell jokes and funny stories, and to dance and eat together....... 

In 1988, the Fellowship of Merry Christians began encouraging churches to resurrect some of these Christian traditions—to celebrate the grace and mercy of God through the gift of laughter and joy."

And to finish, a joke shared with me by a boy in a grade two class yesterday which can surely come of use to someone:
Two snakes are slithering along when one says to the other, 
"Are we supposed to be poisonous?"
"I don't think so," says the other, "why do you ask?"
"Oh nothing really, I just bit my tongue."

OK, maybe it won't bring the house down. But I'd be pleased if you'd share your jokes and songs ideas here for Holy Humour Sunday.

Here are a few more to get you started:
Q: Why was Moses the most wicked man in the Bible?
A: Because he broke the Ten Commandments all at once. (Exodus 32:19)

Q: At what time of the day was Adam created?
A: A little before Eve.

Q: What man in the Bible had no parents?
A: Joshua, the son of Nun.

Q: Who was the most popular actor in the Bible?
A: Samson. He brought the house down

Boom, boom!

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Taizefreak said...

A horse walks into a bar and orders a drink.
The barman asks
"Why the long face?"

Lucy Graham said...

Why is the sand wet?
Because the seaweed.

Lucy Graham said...

Who's the shortest man in the bible?