Monday, May 30, 2011

Song: Never Alone

Never Alone was born in 2002 out of a collaboration of writers, visual artists, storytellers, dancers, theologians, poets and musicians linked to The Uniting Church in Australia (Victoria), in an initiative titled The Lacuna Project.

Lacuna literally means 'gap' or 'space', and is the term used on ancient manuscripts where there are gaps in the text. The Lacuna Project, coordinated by Rev Joan Wright-Howie, met in Victoria (Australia) over many months, exploring ways in which people might explore their own spirituality. There was a strong desire to balance all our neccesary business and busyness with space for God, and attend intentionally to God's still small voice, embracing vulnerability in order to be filled. 

The Lacuna Project produced a kit of resources for personal and community use, including photos, images, poetry, household/garden ideas and music. Importantly the kit was not delivered as a finite bound book, but as a two-holed punch clip folder in which further materials might be inserted along the way. The kit is now out-of-print.

I have provided one of the songs I contributed to the project here. It is a gentle song of reassurance and peace. The only restriction on its use is that it is duly acknowledged. If you make use of it, I'd be delighted to know.

Never Alone vocal score and lyrics
Never Alone piano score

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Conie said...

Hi Lucy, I found your blog when Natalie Sims from Singing from the Lectionary included your Shine a Candle song in resources for Advent. Thank you for sharing these creations with us! I've forwarded your Raps to my youth minister colleague and I'd like to see your "Never Alone" song. Unfortunately, I get an error message saying I need permission for both the vocal and piano scores.