Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sounds Outside the Square

Hands up those who've ever switched off during a bible reading? Perhaps it has something to do with delivery. This coming month the Revised Common Lectionary includes numerous opportunities to think outside the square with sound, and reviving effective story-telling in your faith community.

Over the forthcoming July - August period alone, sounds that are suggested or stated include birds singing, wind blowing, thunder storm, crowds talking, individuals and crowds walking on dry earth, water by the lake, water lapping against a boat, birds, people, water dripping, fishing, a donkey, a marketplace, murmured conversation and drinking water. I'm certain there are many more. Some, such as the kingdom of heaven is like series, may allow for a single sound to be played in a loop as a background to the reading. Sounds such as crowds, or water lapping on the shore would work well here.

Thanks to the age of computers, faith communities have access to all the wonderous resources available online. You can accompany readings with wind sounds by using applications on your computers, such as  windmachine. Alternatively visit one of the sound effect libraries.stores such as Soundeffect which has literally thousands of sounds to purchase for between $2 - $5. Given so many of these sounds reappear in our stories, this may prove a worthwhile investment: animals, crowd, beach, footsteps, birds, weather, eating, wind in the grass, chimes, rooster crowing, carpentry.

Thinking literally goes without saying, but imagining what is implied by the story you are reading is quite liberating. In an upcoming 1 Kings reading, Elijah shelters in a cave. I imagine there may have been dripping water in that cave, or perhaps birds nesting inside.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, consider enlisting your gathering to make sound effects in your faith community. You can simulate your own rain shower or thunder storm in a fun participatory way..

Your imagination is a gift, as are our stories - don't hide either under a bushel!
And please, share your ideas with others here on this blog.

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