Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's Happening for Pentecost?

At Pentecost we encounter unlimited possibilities for creative expression. There are so many possibilities in which our senses can be aroused, through colour, sound, touch and images. In no other liturgical season are the elements of earth, wind and fire, life and death, so tactile.

Boundless possibilities exist for the collaborative arts, particularly as this year (20th May, 2012) we are gifted with the Valley of Dry Bones reading (Ezekiel 37:1-14) as well as the more commonly read, Acts 2. Both readings invite expression through artistic forms. There is no excuse for being boring here folks!

How will your faith community acknowledge Pentecost?

One year my faith community had red helium balloons on strings stuck to the aisle end of each pew. It looked perky and spectacular in our relatively dull worship space. On that particular morning, we were treated with a liturgical dance during which the players moved down the aisle. The balloons had not been present during rehearsal, and so the effect of the dancers on the balloons was unexpected and startling. As they passed back and forth each balloon dipped and was sucked toward the dancers. It was a wonderful visual metaphor for the Holy Spirit. Inevitably some balloons began to sink over time, leaving the preacher every opportunity to reflect further.

You are invited to share with the spirited and singing community here any idea, intention or memory for/of Pentecost. Written liturgy and music is welcome, as well as arts forms less utilised in our communities.

And once Pentecost Sunday has passed, please share what actually happened so that creative energies are fuelled further for the remainder of the season. Any thought however insignificant can be a trigger for another.

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Here are a few brainstorm starters:

  • Dance of the Dry Bones - you get to work out what this is
  • Soundscape on Ezekiel Reading
  • Rendition of Linnea Good's 'O Dry Bones Hear the Word of God' (it'll only cost you 99 cents to buy)
  • Wind sound effects
  • Sit around a bonfire and share stories
  • Paint bones
  • Reflect on what digging up dry bones can tell us - think forensics folks

Looking forward to your idea, memory or intention.

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