Friday, June 8, 2012

Spirited & Singing is on Facebook - Join the Conversation

'Spirited and Singing' now has a dedicated Facebook page. Yeah!

By 'liking' it you will be able to regularly hear what others are exploring musically for worship from week to week. It's global nature will be a major strength.

My hope is that Spirited and Singing's FB friends will share their ideas. This may simply mean a song suggestion for the current week or liturgical season, a resource, link, question, or personal reflection.

I will also be linking blogposts from Facebook to make it easy to keep up with what has been posted.

You'll notice there are currently no images on the FB page. You're invited to send photos of your faith community 'doing' music to add the the page. Clearly it's expected that you will have sought the permission of those in the image before doing so.

Please share widely and invite others along - the more the merrier!
Visit Spirited and Singing's Facebook Page

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